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Loving yourself; Loving your body

Loving yourself is a hard thing to do. Most days I love myself and then some days I don’t. I feel like self love is so important. It changes your whole outlook on life. I was at a stage in my life recently where I didn’t like anything about myself. I didn’t like my body and I never had issues when I was in school at all. You could call me ugly and I didn’t give a shit. But I was loosing weight for no apparent reason and I hadn’t noticed, I just noticed that my clothes looked weird and so I just wore black plain clothes most of the time.
And then I weighed myself and realised I lost 8kg within 8 months and my jeans didn’t fit and neither did my tops. In a weird way that gave me a sense of relief that there was actually something wrong and it wasn’t in my head. I wasn’t just insecure because of nothing but because I was loosing weight. So I realised that I had to start looking in the mirror and tell myself I am beautiful I know that sounds stupid or corny but it works. So during this period I was really busy with a lot of events coming up so I had to dress up. So I would wake up tell myself I look beautiful put something nice on and just go even if I didn’t feel it. So that meant not changing my outfit 100 times just to feel good just wearing that first outfit I chose and going with it. So I kept on doing that and it worked for me. Then I got back to my normal self which is not caring about what others think. Only caring about how I look. But this process took time. Months it took me. But self love is something you have to work on yourself. You have to wake up and say I am beautiful today. Do not wait for the compliments, compliment yourself. Which part of your body do you love the most? Wear something that compliments that part of your body and go out feeling good today. And if you have an off day tomorrow thats ok. The next day will be a lot better. And so will the next day. But you will have off days but just the

thought of you knowing you’re on a journey of self love is the best feeling in the world and knowing you don’t need anyone else to make you feel good thats the best feeling that no one else can give you. So start your day with I am beautiful!

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