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Doing what makes you happy

You know that feeling when you feel stuck? I’ve been feeling like this for years. I’ve been too scared to do what I want because I’ve been worried about what my parents think and what if things go wrong. But then I’ve been doing what I hated and things have gone wrong so what’s next? Why do we suffer in silence and lie to ourselves so we look better to everyone else?
The amount of guilt you feel because you want to live your life your way but scared because no one else you know has done it. Well I am on here to tell you on the 7th of October taking a stand and saying I’m gonna do what I want to do and I expect those around me to respect my decisions and love me the same way. And even if they don’t who cares? Because I am here living for me. So here is some inspiration this morning do what you want even if it means quitting your job, changing jobs, moving abroad. Just do it! You don’t want to die and you wasted your time being afraid. Do you boo!

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