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Living in the moment

I did so many great things this year. I went to Wireless 3 days in a row and boy was that tiring, I went to Poland, I celebrated my 23rd birthday with some of my loved ones, I went to 3 concerts and I celebrated my granddads wife’s 60th birthday. Its been an amazing year if I must agree but it doesn’t feel like it. I did all these great things but I wasn’t happy.
My mind was everywhere else apart from celebrating these wonderful occasions. And looking back now I hated that I wasted these moments. At one point I had to stop myself from over thinking at night and just live in the moment. I know i suffer from anxiety. I hide it very well but most of the time I’m worrying about the next day before it has even happened. I hate living in the unknown and I hate not being in control of my life. I feel like I wasted these great moments over thinking, over analysing and I’m sure I am not the only one who does this. So from now on I am going to live in the moment regardless of what is to come tomorrow.

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