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Just because I have an opinion it’s ok to say what I want!

Youtube is basically my TV. I love the concept of it and the fact that you have the freedom to put up what you want and anyone can watch what they want. As of recent I have been seeing a lot of Youtube gossip and news, where people are actually making videos talking about Youtubers lives and the mistakes they’ve made. Its like gossip central now and people want to make money off other peoples lives. Which happens already in the media with celebrities but I just never thought Youtube would become like this. It makes me want to never start a Youtube channel.

The internet is very powerful and you just don’t know who is watching. A lot of people use the internet to voice their opinions including myself but sometimes your opinion can be taken offensively. I used to always want to write a Facebook status to voice my opinion but as I got older I started seeing what the internet was like and how people can use what you said against you. So the question we have to ask ourselves is do we need to voice our opinions? And the answer is; YES of course but do we ALWAYS need to voice our opinions? And the answer is NO.

I think a lot of the time people do not think before they speak especially people that have a following. I say this because I have seen a lot of powerful people that have a large following so they know that what they will say will cause controversy or will have people backing them up because of who they are so it’s ok to say what they want but that is not the case I have seen many people of power write things on twitter without thinking and then delete afterwards when their following doesn’t agree with them and end up turning on them. I think sometimes people get carried away knowing they have a huge following and think oh they will back me up no matter what I say because they love me for me but a lot of the time they forget that their followers do not know them for them they only know what you show them. Its not like your family or friends, for example I could say something that maybe sounds very controversial but because my family and friends know me they know that I don’t mean it in that way at all so I don’t need to be careful with my words as they will get what I mean straight away.

A lot of the time people think oh I’m young or they’re young so its ok for them to behave a certain way but it’s not. What people fail to realise is that there are consequences to your actions. You are no longer a 4 year old you know right from wrong and what you do now will affect you when you are older so be careful what you say or do because it is always hard to come back from that. There is always someone waiting for your downfall and will happily show you the screenshot twitter status you made because you didn’t think before you tweeted.

It is so simple, think before you type!

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