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My 20’s aren’t what I thought they would be!

Why didn’t anyone tell me that being in my 20’s was going to be so hard? I am 23 will be 24 in 3 months and I am not where I thought I would be, I was having a discussion with my sister the other day (she’s 3 years older than me) and she said when you’re young you think being in your 20’s is so far away and such a huge gap from being in your teens but its not really. One minute you’re 13 and the next you’re 23.

You have all these hopes and dreams you thought you would have achieved by a certain age and now being at this age you realise actually it is not easy to reach those dreams. I thought I would have moved out, have my career sorted, have the “boyfriend” with the hopes of marriage and then kids by 25. ( I know sounds crazy but that is what I dreamed of) Looking at it now and being 23 that is all a bit much. I don’t live on my own, I don’t have a boyfriend and I don’t have a career. I have no idea what I want as a career. Oh the stress!
I used to beat myself up about these things and be really depressed about it because I felt like a failure but then I realised that I am only 23, I still have my whole life ahead of me. I am working towards these things so it’s not like I am at a standstill or not making the effort to have at least half of my dreams come true. Sometimes you have the pressure of society for example, I get asked when will I get married or have kids and I’m just like guys hold on wait!; Let me explore the world first, let me learn to love my journey, let me understand what my 20’s are about. 
But then most of the time we pressure ourselves and we feel like a failure if we do not achieve what we hoped by a certain age but who made the rule book and said you must graduate at 21? or you must move out of your parents house by 25? These are numbers. Stop looking at everyone else their life is different, their path is different, their journey is not yours. My bus stop is different from yours and thats what makes us individuals. 

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