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Is having doubts a bad thing?

Sometimes we can doubt ourselves because we failed a few times and you start to feel like a failure I guess because society makes you feel like failure is a really bad thing. I can understand what they were trying to teach us in schools now but at the same time I feel like it was a bit wrong because teachers made you feel like it was ok to get a E in English instead of trying to get you to aim higher. Doubt is the enemy and the worst feeling in the world. I know everyone at some point has doubted themselves. Whether you doubted you would get that job or if you would do really well in that exam. Doubt can put the fear in you and you feel unaccomplished but to who’s standards?

Feeling doubtful is not a bad thing it just depends on how you take it. You can take the doubt and still carry on and even if the doubt turns out to be what you expected it doesn’t matter.

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