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10 things I love about myself

Sometime we can be hard on ourselves. Its a lot easier to put ourselves down so I thought I would write a post just stating 10 things I love about me and I think everyone should take the time to write a list about what you love about yourself. Self love is so important.

  1. I love that I am self-less! Anyone that knows me knows how much I always do for people and I am usually always there when they need me.
  2. My smile. I aways get complimented about my smile and I must say I love it too.
  3. I love that I love to give. Always giving!
  4. I love my legs. I have long legs and they’re just beautiful if I must say so myself 😉
  5. I love that I always try.
  6. I love that I never give up.
  7. I am always up to trying new things.
  8. I am always positive.
  9. I am funny!
  10. Last but not least I love that most of the time I am not afraid to be myself!

I would love to know what 10 things you love about yourself. 

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