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How do I stay positive and motivated

So I feel very stagnant in life as you read in my post called My 20’s aren’t what I thought they will be if you haven’t read it then please do. So I still feel the same way but at the same time I feel positive and motivated. I do believe in God! I am not the perfect Christian, trust me God knows we have a love and hate relationship. Its not easy at all. But if you was to ask my friends about me they would tell you that I am a positive person and if you need advice come to me. But how do I stay positive even when I feel negative?

  1. I think! I can think for days, in fact I am a worrier but I think about where I’ve been, the things I’ve done and what I’ve been able to achieve. I am not where I want to be and thats ok but I’ve been to places not many people can say they have. I’ve met so many people that I’ve been able to help in some way and have helped me in many ways and that my friend is a blessing. But I think about the good times and where I am going to be because I know I am going to be successful. 
  2. I read my Bible and I pray! These are the most hardest things for me to do. I’ll be honest I have moments where I hate God and then I calm down and I apologise because I feel guilty for being ungrateful for the things He has done for me. I mean I am alive and there were times when I was genuinely happy. I personally feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and He has taken all my problems unto His shoulders and I believe in my journey and His orders. 
  3. I talk! I talk to my parents. I say how I feel. They listen and they advice. I feel happy. I talk to my sister and close friends.
  4. Lastly but not least. I do things that I love and make me happy. Writing on my blog is what I love but I also love reading. Reading books help me to escape my reality and to live another life. 
I’m not writing this to force anyone to believe in God. But to believe in something! Believe, believe, believe and have HOPE!

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