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My love for Solange

I love Solange. She was one of the first women I saw rocking her fro in the entertainment business. My mouth dropped and something clicked like OMG I have afro hair also. I first relaxed my hair when I was 14 (Maybe I’ll document my hair journey on here at some point). Which I think was quite late most people had it done way before secondary school. I begged my mum so much even years before that, because I was the only natural in the village looool, plus my mum found it hard to manage my hair. She used to canerow my hair and pull it ruffly ( You guys know the pain and how hard it was to manage then as there was no hair products then to “soften” your hair). The hot comb was my best friend, well sort of she used burn my ears with it BUT WHATEVER! ( Do you remember it had to be warmed up on the stove?) Wow the new generation will have no idea the struggle we faced back then. Anywho my best friend Tiwi was the first person to go natural around me. I remember she said to me I’m gonna stop relaxing my hair and cut of the relaxed ends ( I used to relax her hair for her or I think I did it one time) and I went to the hairdresser with her and watched her get her “big chop”. She inspired me that summer to do the same and I never looked back. Anyway I know I am coming off topic but you need to know the background of what life was like for a black girl living in the UK knowing that her hair was different to the majority and why it is so important to me now. Solange made it ok to wear your hair the way God created it. If every other race can wear their hair the way they was born with it then why can’t we? She became my inspiration and at that point I wanted to know more.

Not only does she always look beautiful but her style is amazing. She wears what she wants and she is the Queen of rocking bright colours and patterns. Ugh just my true inspiration! My next post will be inspired looks by Solange. She is the Queen ( in my eyes).
She also has great taste in music do you remember when Solange did a come back with ‘Losing You’? And now she has her record label called Saint Records!

But not only that she’s also a mother that has raised her son to be his own person and just Graduated the 5th grade.

And now for love of Solange just a few pictures of why she is the Queen:

The Afro Collage 

The Solange Fashion Collage 

Dear Solange

Thank you for being you and for inspiring others to be themselves, teaching us to love thyself and to never feed off other peoples negativity. But also thank you for making me realise that everyday I am beautiful with the way God created me and that I should learn to love my hair the way it is ( which I do now).

Yours Sincerely,

                            Vanessa Fabz


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