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The journey to self love

One of the hardest journeys I am on right now is loving every part of me. Loving the way my hair grows, my face, my stretch marks. Even to all the way down to my toes. During my school days I was so confident, no one could tell me nothing. I was called ugly, I have big eyes and my big forehead but I didn’t care in my eyes I was beautiful and no one could tell me different. Fast forward to today and my story has changed. I couldn’t tell you what triggered it but one day everything changed I disliked my face, my body, everything. I no longer want to wear certain style of clothes or even look a certain way. Even me walking out my house with my afro has been my hardest battle so far when like 2 years ago I didn’t care. I’ve been racking my brain like Vanessa what happened to you? I just wish I could go back to the old me, me not caring what anyone thinks. This journey to self love is not easy and it is not a straight and narrow route it has all sorts of curves. We just have to understand that we will get there one day and as long as we don’t forget about ourselves whilst we’re loving someone else whether it is a partner or friend/s then we will be ok.

Stay on that journey with positive thoughts, tell yourself that you are beautiful, listen to uplifting songs, read the Bible if you are a Christian. I have a few songs that I listen to almost everyday to help uplift me and I think they could help you as well.

JoJo – I Am 
Jazmine Sullivan – Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)
Rochelle Jordan – Follow Me
And for my fellow Christians:
William McDowell – In

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